Throughout existence, most pieces of film, music or art revolve around the story of one chasing a beautiful lady; sometimes he or she succeeds, and sometimes not. The feeling that some women create for some people, whether it is in a James Bond movie from the 80’s, a vintage playboy or page three of the Sun, is unique and inspiring at the same time. Hence, designed from a point of view where this narrative takes the attention, Femme D'or reflects a beautiful female phantasm, creating a brand that conveys timeless contexts through the lens of this beautiful female phantasm.

Above all, Femme D’or not only is a product of timeless contexts combined with feminine inspired storytelling, but rather is a brand that aspires to recreate and re-imagine these contexts into high quality, contemporary leisurewear, creating pieces with a sexy, appealing touch. Moreover, as what you wear is part of your identity, Femme D’or merges quality with this sexy touch, trying to let the pieces speak for themselves and urge people to ask what we and you are about.